Education and Training in the Kimberley

Education & Training

Choosing to stay in the Kimberley region after school provides a you with a lifestyle and work balance. Stay, work & play.

Explore your education choices

The Kimberley region offers a range of education and training opportunities from the early school years through to further education and training after school. Choosing to stay in the Kimberley region provides a lifestyle and work balance, without having to compromise on career employment possibilities and personal growth.

Education options for school age children

The Kimberley region has a great range of public and private education opportunities for schools that provide a wide range of advice around career choices and developing solid pathways for children’s futures.

For more information please visit the ‘Department of Education‘ website.

Registered Training Organisations (RTO)

There are also a number of RTOs in the Kimberley that provide an alternate place to gain training. You can search for RTOs in your area via the MySkills site.

Further education options in the Kimberley

The Kimberley region has a great range of further training and education opportunities that people can access regardless of if they just left school, or are adults who want to pivot to a new career.

University in Broome

There are universities based in Broome that offer both online and on campus courses for further education options within the Kimberley.

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Not sure what’s next? Be flexible

There’s a range of pathway choices to get you to where you want to be. Being flexible allows you the option to change things up if they don’t work out as initially planned.