Gap Year

Gap Year

Find gap year jobs that will suit your personal circumstances. Gain experience and discover what gap year jobs are available.

Does the idea of taking a GAP year sound appealing to you? Gap years are now seen as a way to improve your CV and to gain relevant work experience in a particular field, with employers actively employing people who have taken a gap year. The Kimberley is a great place to explore and work at the same time as building life skills and employability skills. 

There’s lots of ways to take a gap year … Here’s some common ideas;

  • Stay where you are and try casual jobs in lots of different industries
  • Travel: locally, interstate or internationally
  • Fruit picking and agriculture roles: Please visit ‘Studium‘ website for more information
  • Spend your time volunteering
  • Take a gap year with the Defence Force. Please visit ‘Defence Jobs‘ website for more information


Why not sign up as a volunteer? Volunteering can help provide you with the chance to build your resume, find your passion and has the added benefits of nothing but good vibes!

If you are based in Broome and want to know more about local volunteering programs please visit the ‘Broome Circle‘ website. If you’d like to look further away at other opportunities ‘Year 13‘ website have a great list of Australia wide and International gap year programs with all sorts of areas of interest.

Volunteer in Broome

Like to get into volunteering in Broome? Here’s some Broome community groups that take volunteers:

Gap year options & information

Feel like a break from the study? Take a gap year and gain some valuable work experience along the way. There’s many ways to take a gap year, here’s some information, ideas and advice.

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Inpex Summer Program

The Inpex summer vacation program is open for university students to get some hands on experience working at Inpex.

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Defence Force Gap Year

The Australian Defence Force is offering a 12 month gap year option with the Navy, Army or Air Force. The ADF gap year allows 18 to 24 year olds to travel within Australia learning skills and gaining experience while getting paid.

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