Kellie Bullen

Career Firefighter
Broome / Perth

Career Highlights

The year after I graduated high school at Broome Senior, I joined the Broome Volunteer Fire & Rescue service, following in the footsteps of my Dad. I was a volunteer firefighter for 8 years and wanted to make firefighting my fulltime career. After a very long and competitive recruitment process I was accepted into the trainee Firefighter school and graduated as a Career firefighter in November 2019. I am now a full time firefighter based in the south metro area of Perth and am loving every moment of it.

Favourite Part of Role

Being a part of a team that the community calls on when they need help - and the look of relief people have when we arrive.

Personal Inspiration

I've always been surrounded by hard working people, especially my parents, and if it wasn't for my Dad being involved in the Broome Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service for so many years, I wouldn't have found this career path.

Achieving your dream isn't always going to be easy, but with hard work and determination you can do anything!
Kellie Bullen