Sonny Dann

Search and Rescue Crew - PHI International

Career Highlights

I worked in my previous job for almost 8 years and wanted a change. I applied for the cadetship, without any high expectations of making it through to the final stages of the selection process. To my surprise, I made it through to the next two phases of training and was selected as one of the final 4 cadets. So, to me this whole process of change in careers has been a highlight for myself. Also, the fact that I get to see my hometown from the sky almost every day isn’t too bad either.

Personal Inspiration

My personal inspiration would have to be my two children Charli (4) and Jaxon (2). Everything I do, I do it in the hope of providing them with a bright future in which they can have the best opportunity to be successful in whatever they may choose to do.

Venture outside of your comfort zone. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish once you push through those mental barriers that may be holding you back.
Sonny Dann